My husband and I have been together 6 years and married for 3 years when this home wrecker came along. Do not get me wrong each marriage has its fair share of problems and ups and downs. I just never thought my husband would ever stoop this low and do this to me. Here is my story: || Salina Renee Valles-Abney or Salina Valles as she is called the home wrecker who is pictured above should know how military men are (liars, cheaters….etc) since she is currently married to one. Yes, you heard right she is still married while sleeping with everyone including married men. She met my husband while they both were deployed to Afghanistan in January 2013. It took my husband maybe two weeks if that to even get in her pants. So I wonder who else she was sleeping with including my husband. || They both tried to continue their relationship after the deployment was over and they had returned to the states. So this lasted for maybe 6 months, if that. Since I am a private investigator (so I have been told) it took me a while to find out everything I needed to find out about her and my husband but when I finally did all hell broke loose. They would text each other non-stop throughout the day and even on his gym time they would talk. She sent pictures and of course I found those too. The good thing was that it was a long distance relationship since she is in Abilene, Texas so I did not have to worry about her too much. Who knows who she was sleeping with while she was stationed in Texas? || The funny thing is she was so stuck on her husband cheating and getting a girl pregnant that I guess she wanted to get revenge on him but didn’t do her homework good enough. Being that she is prone to messing with married men. When I talked to this female and told her to stop talking to my husband because he was married and has a family. Of course she claimed she did not know about him being married or having children but hey they are both liars so who knows what she did or did not know. She still continued to communicate with him. I know for a fact she was sleeping with at least one other person while with my husband during deployment which makes this slut even nastier because she was not even using protection. I hope she does not have any STD’s while she sleeping around with everyone. || This whore would even go as far as to talk to male soldiers that her friends use to talk to or sleep with. Some kind of friend she is. She loves African American men too so keep your eyes open for her ladies. Please warn your husband’s because she would try to sleep with anything she can get her hands on. I’m sure you know the saying “you lay down with dogs, you get fleas”. Well this home wrecker may give you more than fleas being that she is a real Slut! So if you see her just turn around and go the other way. || I know it is not all this home wreckers fault since it takes two people to tango but she does have some part in this. I was not mad until she continued to talk to him. Why come and mess up other women relationships because yours is not happy. Grow up and act like a lady with class and stop sleeping with every man that just gives you attention. Learn how to say no! I just want to get this out and let others know to watch out for this kind of female because you never know the true someone until it is too LATE!!!