Complaint: Why would attorney Sallie D.Skipper need to hide her negative reviews on AVVO? False positive reviews? When youu2019re shopping for a holiday gift, looking for a good attorney, a nice place to have dinner or a good hotel, do you pay attention to those online reviews? A lot of people do. After all, most of us put more stock in what regular people have to say about a product or service than we do in company advertising. The reviews can be helpful, but you have to take them with a grain of salt because thereu2019s strong evidence a significant number of online reviews are fake. How does this happen? Company posting phony positive reviews to boost its own business, or a company posting phony positive reviews to hide Regular customers who post negative reviews. It happens all the time. Sallie D.Skipper had 3 reviews in 6 years,then a real review from a real person was posted with negative feedback and in one day it has more reviews than it had in the last 6 years. Business’s who post false positive reviews commit fraud. I’ve forwarded a copy to the Attorney general. Do a google search of positive false reviews. The hiring of this attorney will result in years of mishandling over charging for services,excessive fees,no commutation,missing money from trust account,after signing a contact with this attorney it’s been a nightmare. Sallie D.SkipperNew Port RicheyDowntown New Port Richey5653 Main StreetNew Port Richey, FL 34652-2635Phone: (727) 847-0913Fax: (727) 847-0914

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