I had a Sallemae federal loan since 2006 I paid on it since 2008 and they just took my tax refund of 5,000. They called my work and ask my boss to give us approval to garnash my wages and then my boss almost fired me. They called all my family members and then called my work again and said we know she is there we have her social security number. So my boss said if they call anymore you are fired. I called to resolve this with sallemae they said they dont have the old statement. I dont have it i left the country in 2008 and moved away. I came back to the u.s and got a job now there bothering me again. So I ask for my first statement when i started the loan and they said they wont send it by email in which i dont have a home address so i said send it to email… They sent my mother which is 75 and cosigner a bill for 17,000 she almost had a heart attack and she started crying because they told her their going to take her social security. My mother only has that to live on. My dad just died and i have a 3 year old to take care of so i told them i can pay you 50.00 a month thats all i can afford so they said fine we will continue to keep your loan in default. So even with telling them i will make a payment they wont work with me. .

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