Firms like Salmon and Dulberg deviously come up with schemes to fool the public into believing they have qualified for a “rankings” that makes them look like they are more qualified than other firms. Actually these rankings are secret code words between their crony racketeer firms so they know which firms are accomplices to their sabotage and exploitation operation. | The way they communicate by code is to advertise their membership as a “super lawyer”. Their connotation to the public as a “super lawyer” is intended to make the public think they are higher qualifed than an attorney who is not a “super lawyer” when actually “super lawyer” means they are immensely corrupt – more corrupt than the other corrupt lawyers… they are “super corrupt”. This category is reserved for attorneys who are rotten to the core, who are in business to loot, sabotage, extort and prey on the public. There is nothing too deranged for them to do in order to get to empty the bank account of anyone who hires them. The ranking of “super lawyer” is made by lawyers who have climbed to the top of the racket by engaging in despicable acts in secret back door deals to other lawyers who are also saboteurs, extortors and abusers. | A “super lawyer” is the corrupt atttorney version of the mafia don. This is their code lingo so when they work on deals together they know they do not need to pretend that they are representing anyone except themselves. | Super lawyer John Salmon and his cohorts mediators threw my matter to the wolves. He and his super lawyer cronies think of it as entertainment when they can bully, threaten and abuse their power against the unsuspecting public. | Salmon and Dulberg need to join the ranks of obsolete, corrupt law firms who no longer exist. Do not go near this firm.


  • Name: Salmon & Dulberg
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Miami
  • Address: 19 West Flagler Street, Ste 620
  • Phone: 305.371.5490
  • Website: