I ordered a Salt Chlorine Generator System on July 5th at a cost of $419 from SaltPoolStore.com. I received a confirmation email that promised delivery in 3-5 days.On July 13, no product. Called merchant and got their phone tree. A representatives were ‘BUSY’ and I was prompted to leave a message. I tried to leave a message but the system hung up before I even started talking. Repeated several times with no results. So, I sent several emails through their contact system with no response.Checked my credit card statement and noticed that I was charged an EXTRA FEE that was not revealed on my SaltPoolStore.com email receipt. I called my credit card company and was informed that the EXTRA FEE was for a FOREIGN TRANSACTION in Australia!!! They also stated that the transaction was completed and that I could not reverse the charge.I had to file a dispute with the CC company and am still waiting for this to be resolved.I also filed an ‘Acceptable Use Policy Violation’ with Shopify.com who provides the storefront for SaltPoolStore.com