This is to report that I entered into a 20 yr. solar lease contract in 11/11 for a pv solar system. For several months I contacted them to change information on the aps website on my acct. since I had made a final change for an upgraded system. I also contacted them several times to find out when they might be starting on my pv system since it was nearing 3 mo’s since I had signed contract but the only information I was told was it was right on time after I had contacted them repeatedly. During this time they never once tried to contact me first. nI had also contacted my sales person via email to find out when they were going to start the eng. site plans & she said I would receive plans in 2 weeks. Well a month went by no plans. nI decided to go to the az bbb website & post a negative customer review about the situations since I was being continually lied to & ignored. I received a response from the co. that they investigated my complaints but declared them invalid. Well so we went back & forth with the comments & the co. wanted me to file a complaint with the bbb ( don’t ever do this). nBeware of ever doing this instead my advice is to post negative customer reviews because the other potential customers can read all the things that the co. is refusing to do. Also, according to the bbb you can post your reviews for 3 years for one incident but if you file a complaint on the bbb on the co. you will not be able to write customer reviews according to what is stated on the bbb website. nMy advice is for any valid complaints is to 1) keep posting negative customer reviews with the az bbb. Also, file a complaint with az attorney general’s office & az registar of contractors since this co. is a licensed contractor. Also, if you enter into a contract only purchase or pay down payment only use a credit card & then you can dispute the charges if you want if the co. fails to deliver & get your money back. nAlso, some very important information on the co’s website right now that is posted the top ten reasons to choose salt river solar & wind that on sentence no.6) they state that ” satisfaction is guaranteed & also state you’ll always be satisfied. nAnyway I just got through filing a complaint with the az attorney general’s office because this co. stated on their bbb customer review rebuttal to me that they intended to stop working on my project & Mike Fricker who is one of the owners is intending to break the agreement & wants to send my money back. I informed them I will not be signing any paperwork etc. & I want them to fulfill the legally binding agreement that we entered into. nI also contacted visa the credit card co. that I used to put over 4500. & asked them how long do I have if I ever decide to dispute the money later & explained I have a 20 lease agreement & they told me because it is a service & it is a 20 yr. contract that I could dispute it within that time frame. nI also have a written assurance contract that I wrote & both parties signed it & one of them states they will pay any of my aps bills if the they do not install within the 9 mo. timeline so it would seem they would responsible for all of my aps bills in the future if they fail to fulfill the contractual obligations in the contract. nIn closing the customer service is terrible after the sale. And this co. as repeatedly failed to do with what they have on their website where they have the audacity to guarantee satisfaction & then fail to deliver continually. In my opinon this co. is morally bankrupt & Mike Fricker is trying to bully me to into breaking the agreement but I will not . I will do everything in my power up to the 2o yr. lease agreeement & if that means I have to file complaints multiple times with the az attorney general’s office & az registar of contractors because I never give up the fight against this co’s who say they will do something but think they can weasel out of the agreement because they want to. Well if I defaulted on the contract I would lose my 4500. plus. nThis co. needs to understand there are consequences to their actions. I woud implore all customers to keep up the fight with this co. if they fail to deliver what they promise because maybe then they would change their ways & start honoring their commitments to their customers. nThis co. needs to do the satisfaction guaranteed that is showing on their website as of 2/25/12 or they are a liar which is despicable behavior.”

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