salvage world auto auctions marcus santana ken stevens they scammed me into sending them money for a car i never received carrolton texas Florida!!. it all started dec 26 iwas looking for a nissan nv 200 work van i saw one on there website thy told me they could get it for me because the had the proper liscence i said ok i offered them 6500 for a van they were asking 8500 for they came back with 7500 itold them i will only give them 6500 then they came back with 7000.0 i said no 6500 they came backand said i got the van i wired them the money to a pnc bank in miami florida a week went pastno van called them and marcus told me there was a lein on the titleand should have it off in a week i said ok week went buy no car called him same excuse this went on for 3 weeks finally i called to where the van was in minnesota they said they sold it in jan it was the the first week of feb then i knew it was a scam for sure during this time thekept offering me a replacement i sai

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