I’ve been a regular loyal customer of the Salvation Army here and in other places. For over a year+ I’ve noticed a Hespanic/latino couple comes to this store and loads up 2 shopping carts stacked high of adult name brand pants, jeans, shirts, jackets and shorts (depending on the season). They usually wipe out all the popular sizes and leave all the really large sizes for others. The carts are stacked high of levis, nice shirts etc. They wait for a certain employee(assistant manager) to ring them up. The rest of the customers wait in long lines especially on fri/sat. They don’t wait in line and hand the clerk a paper with the count of items. Nothing is scaned like the rest of us. No one checks the baskets. They are charged between $1-3 per item for items ranging approx. $5-20 ea.. An example, a pair of levis to the rest of us cost average $16.00 and a discount on certain days. I’ve asked several manager/assistant mangers in the past why they get special deals, my answers have been They help an “orphanage”, then it was for “farm workers”, and they say its comes from “corporate”. I’ve heard from others that they sell at a local swap meet (inyo). I was told they also go to 3 other salvation army’s in the area and get the same deal. I always thought when you donate to Salvation army that your items were benefiting all these programs to help people. Not to help someone profit from there own business and hiding behind a non-profit. The store has unfair business practices. We pay the higher prices. Fair is fair. The store overall has gone down hill too and is dirty ,and always a mess. The couple used to come in once a week and this week 3 days(5-9-14) in a row. They know when the new stock comes in and wipes it out. There are a lot of others who have noticed this happening. I have sent several emails in the past to different Salvation Army departments with no response. I do have pictures too.

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