Sam Argyropoulos is one of the most well known scam artists and successful real estate agents in the country. Specializing (Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Malabu) and the famed Sunset Strip and Hollywood Hills luxury housing market frauds . Sam Argyropoulos clientele consists mostly high net worth individuals who get scammed by this sophisticated criminal . During this perior Sam Argyropoulos began to purchase and renovate numerous homes, bringing them financial success and invaluable real estate knowledge. These experiences brought them to the next level of their career, where he partnered and joined the Signature properties in Beverly hills one of the preeminent Real Estate brokerages. As a result, Sam Argyropouos have quickly become one of the top agents in the business , and started to invent multi million dollars scams in the real estate field . Beware of this agent , he is your next Ripoff . We lost a few $ M with him .

Beverly Hills, California USA


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