I worked for TLC Services, Inc. as a salesperson; Sam Nardone was the president of TLC and my supervisor. When I was in the office, Nardone sexually harassed me repeatedly. Eventually I resigned, and then sued TLC for sex discrimination under Title VII and TLC and Nardone for intentional infliction of emotional distress. A jury found TLC liable, but TLC went bankrupt and does not appeal. The jury also found Nardone liable and awarded me $25,000 in compensatory damages and $300,000 in punitive damages. nOver the past year and a half I hired a PI to do an extensive investigation on Mr. Nardone because I was screwed by him because right after I was awarded the judgment he purposely filed bankruptcy to get out of giving me a dime. nMy PI came up with a lot of stuff to prove my sexual harassment charges, He got engaged to a woman named Beverly also know as Bev, who was hired by Nardone to work at his cigar shop, Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge. Bev has been fired numerous times because she wouldn’t do what Nardone told her. She even over heard her saying because I wouldn’t wear a ring he fired me.” People told my PI Nardone treats Bev like a dog

embarrasses her

belittles her and uses his money to make her do what he wants when he wants her to do it

just like he did to me. He was even followed to bars where he got drunk and would start fights with woman bar tenders because she not go out with him. nI also know Nardone has illegal gambling going on at his shop

where the FBI has been watching him since 2008. He allows cash games where the pot is well over $5000 a hand and he get a piece of the action. Nardone also sell liquor to good customers and allows them to pay under the table. This man is being watched and investigations are ongoing because of all he has done to all the women who have worked for him. It took me years to get the nerve to write this