I was a Military wife and a good one at that. I waited and took care of the home for 15 long month tours while he deployed. I have known my ex husband from the age of 14 and married him after my first husband passed away. Looking back I think we married more out of grief because he was a childhood friend of my late husband. || Well we had been stationed in Texas when he deployed for a 15 long month tour, on R&R we conceived our son. When his tour was over we were stationed in FT. Irwin CA. Let me tell you that place is HELL! More marriages are over leaving that place then any other base I swear! OK so they have a training rotation that they call the”sand box” and go out for week at a time. One night he called saying he was on his way home and that he wanted to bring his new”battle buddy” home for a good home cooked meal. The”battle buddy” comes into my home and at first I thought she was a young boy, not kidding! Then she spoke to me and I realized this buddy was female. Ok not a problem not my place to judge. She told me about her girlfriend and how she wanted to marry her and that she had beautiful children she wanted to adopt. It was a pleasant night and I could see being this girl’s friend, she was sweet and nice. Oh how I was wrong. After dinner and kids had been put down to bed we had a drink or two and laughs and adult talk. She asked me if I knew what”fisting” was. Oh hell no would I ever do that, nope not in a million years! My husband made a comment about the size of his fist and she took the bait and commented about the size of his fist in relation to his junk. I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say so I let it go until she left and I asked my husband what she had meant. He eventually broke down and told me that she had given him a blow job while in the sand box and that they had been talking about trying to get me to join a threesome with them. She came back over the next day not realizing that he had told me everything. It was all I took not to beat her ass right then and there. My husband and I chose to try and work it out. Ugh why? I think it had more to do with my issues about having been married once already and not wanting to have another marriage go wrong. I have grown a lot now! Well not long after we started marriage counseling he was deployed again and so was she, same unit same place. I had my fears that well you know when the cat is away the mice will play. He assured me that they were not even close on the FOB to be around one another. Why did I believe him? Because I have never seen a FOB so what the hell did I know, and well I was stupid and wanted to believe him. || He comes home on leave two days before our anniversary and thats when shit hit the fan. I found everything, the pictures, the emails, the planning to move to Wyoming and buy a house, and the kicker was the planing to take my children so she and him could have a big happy family. Well over my dead body!! I waited the 30 days for his leave to be over and I had some planning of my own. She can have him, take his cheating ass off my hands bitch! I took all the pictures and emails to his Commanding officer. See my husband was her sergeant, and that just some bad JuJu to be caught having an affair with a lower enlisted soldier. So they are living the life they planned, in Wyoming. Minus my kids and the house they wanted. They were booted out of the Army. Unfortunately they still get benefits because they somehow finagled out of the Army with less then honorable. But it was worth it to put those two sum bags on blast with the Army. So the last laugh is mine, you can keep him and the miserable life you wanted!