In April of 2011, I met the man of my dreams. I fell instantly in love with him, so much so, that we decided to get married and have children together right away. We even got matching tattoos on our ring fingers to signify our commitments to one another. A month into our relationship we moved in with each other and I became pregnant with my fiancé’s first child. Struggling to provide for our new family, my fiancé and I both started new jobs and we began spending less time with each other in hopes to afford a decent home for my son once he was born. My fiancé’s new job was at the Domino’s Pizza in Reynoldsburg, Ohio and she was his boss. Her name was Samantha; she was a girl I’d known from school, someone who I had thought of as a friend, not a close one, but a friend nonetheless. She began bad mouthing me to my fiancé at work and feeding into his fears about becoming a father. She told him stories of her sexual escapades and he even gave her directions to a filthy motel that she used to cheat on the father of her own child, with his best friend. || When I was 9 months pregnant, I became ill. I developed sciatica and was unable to engage in sexual activity without being in pain, although believe me, I still tried. Samantha found out about this and saw it as an opportunity to move in on him. She took him into the office at work and offered to perform oral sex on him. My fiancé, stressed out by his own doubts and insecurities about us and about becoming a father, gave in to her finally. After that day, it didn’t stop. They would have sex on the desk in the office of Dominos during business hours, unprotected, and as often as they could get away with it. 2 weeks before the birth of my son I began experiencing symptoms of what I thought was just a normal pregnancy-related infliction, but as the days went by I started to get worried and went to an urgent care center. They asked me if I had any reason to believe I might have an STD, and sounding almost offended, I said there was no possible way. 5 days before the birth of my son, my fiancé began crying out of the blue, and after a long drawn-out confession told me everything. I called Samantha’s boss and told him what they had been doing and he didn’t believe me. I tried talking to Samantha and she wouldn’t respond. My husband quit his job that day, and she got away with it. When I realized he had cheated on me, I was able to find out what was wrong with me. Samantha, knowing he had a pregnant girlfriend, and knowing she had a disease, had sex with my fiancé, unprotected, and almost risked the life of my unborn son. Had I not found out that I had Chlamydia 5 days before my son was born, he could have been born blind, or worst…stillborn. || Samantha Hobbs still works at that Dominos in Reynoldsburg, and she probably still has at least one disease if not more. She never even showed a bit of remorse for what she did to me, or what she almost did to my child. She never even liked my fiancé, she was just a slut who wanted attention, and I have to live for the rest of my life knowing that my son could have died so that some little slut could get her attention fix.