Married to high school sweetheart for 23 years 4 kiddos he decided we needed to move to Colorado cause he has back problems for weed. She was my only friend there we were friends for about 2 years she is 23 he is 43, he needed work done with him in the mountains so being she needed a job and was my friend and a CHILD, I trusted them to go for a few days. Never in a million years would have thought what they did. EVER.   || Well after a few weeks of them”working” together I started noticing when she came over she would only stay in the room he was in not me her friend, I checked his phone and he had deleted all texts from her, I knew he text her for work, so weird. Well one day she left her phone outside I went to smoke and decided to look through her phone, to find OH I want you so bad, you have such beautiful eyes etc. I lost it and confronted them in the kitchen to which he said”it just happened” and then proceeded to tell ME to leave. I refused and he packed his stuff and moved in with her and some other pothead. Then both of them had the nerve to say what I read was just movie quotes. REALLY??? Now they are living together, got a puppy, Two of our children HATE him 18 and 15 boys they will not speak to him at all because his dad had an affair for 22 years and HE even hated his dad for doing that to his mom. MY 11 yr old daughter is easily manipulated so the slut bought her a 600 IPhone and stuff from Hawaii. He turned off my phone and the two older boys phones but not the girl! REALLY that’s sick. || He came here to Louisiana without notification and wanted to see kids. I allowed him to take the two youngest to Alabama to see his grandmother even with the slut for 5 days. He called after 3 and said he was taking them to Colorado and not bringing them back. He called Social Services, which she came and said it did him more harm than anything. He claimed I was on drugs, I voluntarily went and took a drug test all NEG. I put down a retainer on a lawyer got an ex parte emergency custody signed by a judge within 24 hours I went and got my kids now we have court on July 14, 2015 for custody ect. He did all this I don’t know if it’s a mid-life crisis or what but my kids nor myself care. Thanks for listening.