I met Samantha through friends of my ex. She was dating one guy and just got pregnant. They lived with his brother and girlfriend. Once she had the baby she cheated on him with my brother in law, ended up getting pregnant and decided to stay with her boyfriend, first baby daddy. They moved to  New York where she had child, he got locked up and she cheated again with his half brother. Then they moved back to Fl, where he was locked up again and she cheated with his younger brother. Rumors flew during that time she was messing with a couple other guys. || Well she got pregnant with child 3 and no one would help them with a place to sleep. So, me being the Christian woman, let them stay at the time with my husband and me. She technically had my nephew and I couldn’t let him be homeless. My husband and I have two children and I helped raise his now 16 yr old since she was 2. This girl never worked or held a job, kept piging up my house to where I kicked them out. Well they ended up coming back and shortly there after we were having my daughters 3rd bday party when it was brought to my attention some letters she was writing and poems. I confronted my husband and he swears on my kids he wasn’t cheating. Well two days later, I woke and turned his old phone on because we just got new phones day before so I needed a contact from his old phone. Next thing I know text messages start popping up so I read them and it was her texting it but he wasn’t able to respond because that phone was unable.too. Well 5am I woke them up and confronted and it was true so I packed my babies up, he went nuts and pulled a gun on me and was taken to a nut house for 36 hrs. Well I visited and him and I talked and come to find out he continued to lie and had been talking to her and she was visiting while he was in. || She broke a marriage up that was 10 yrs going. She tore our family apart and continues to. She has him wrapped and has cheated on him several times, once confirmed was with his younger brother. She left him for a few months after he discovered she cheated again with another married man. She enjoys married men and brothers. She keeps him from paying his support and likes to run her mouth when she can.