DO NOT USE THESE CLOWNS. My car would not start; I called American Express roadside assistance to request a tow to the dealer. AMEX told me Samantha’s Towing would be there within 2 hours. After 2 and a half hours, I called Samantha’s directly and was told they were 1/2 an hour away. After yet another hour without any appearance from the tow truck I called Samantha’s to say I had to leave my house and go to work. No problem they said – leave my key and they would get the car. 2 hours later they call to say the driver arrived and my car wasn’t there. Panicked I raced home in my rental car thinking someone stole my car. When I got home, I saw my car waiting where I left it. I called Samantha’s back to find out why they lied. They hung up on me. I asked AMEX to call them and all they told AMEX was that the dispatcher and I had an “altercation.” I called the company back to find out what had happened and was told I could wait 90 minutes for a tow truck or “you and your little car can sit there and rot.” This company is literally the most ignorant group of lazy morons on the planet. If your insurance, AAA, or credit card sets you up with them, run in the other direction. I literally set up a Yelp account just to warn people about these vultures.


  • Name: Samantha’s Towing & Recovery
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: King of Prussia
  • Address: 200 E Dekalb Pike
  • Phone: (610) 277-6970
  • Website: