I had bought a package of lunch meat from the local Sam’s club. When i got home i fixed me a sandwhich. About 30 mins after that i got sick bad sick. I won’t go into details but i wanted to die. Went to the doctor and she asked what i had been eating i told her just had a sandwhich today. She told me to check the meat when i got home and i didi about halfway down in the meat was green mold lots of it. My wife called sams to tell them so no one would buy it and they could check it found out later there was several cases of bad meat. well i was sick for three days. the people at sams called me and said we want to make this up to u i said all i need is for u to pay the doctor and pay for my three days off work. they said they would if i would bring them the meat back so there lab could test it. a couple of weeks later i get a letter saying its not there fault for me to call oscar meyer. So i call oscar meyer the lady apologises for me getting sick and wants to send me a 400 check to cover my expense says she will mail that today. Ask if i would mind telling sams to release the meat to them so they can test it. i say ok make a special trip to sams just to make sure they will give it to oscar meyer. about three weeks later i haven’t heard anything i call the lady back and all i can do is leave messages and until today i still haven’t got her to cal me back. i did get a letter stating that it was sams club fault. so if i want what i am out i will have to sue them which is more trouble than the money that i am out. so becareful what u buy and stick in your mouth until u seen all the meat.

north gloster street tupelo, mississippi U.S.A.


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