I bought a new Samsung RF4287HARS frech door refrigerator at the beginning of December 2013 during some hold over Black Friday deals. This is a 4-door unit…two french doors with a bottom freezer drawer plus an indpendent middle drawer for drinks, snacks etc. I got a good deal on this fridge & was excited to get it but after it arrived, the middle drawer would not hold temperature nor would it even reach the temperatures listed on the buttons. It arrived on a Friday so waited through the weekend to let it adjust. No difference on Monday so I called the store & they told me it would be a Samsung warranty issue. I wasn’t pleased since I hadn’t had the thing 4 days, but whatever. So I called Samsung. Went through their rig-a-marole to get an appointment set up for service. Let me tell you, if I had to write a complaint about A&E Factory Service, I would have carpal tunnel syndrome before it was finished. THAT is quite possibly the worst company with a phone number!!! Now, I will spare all the ugly two-and-a-half months of details and endless phone calls to Samsung & the service company and fast forward to my reason for this report. After replacing every possible part in the RF4287HARS that could anything to do with the temperature control of that drawer and it still not resolving the problem Samsung relinquished to “replacing it or buying it back””. Well

since I bought this $2500 refrigerator a nearly $900 less during Black Friday

that really wasn’t an option so I chose to have them replace it. After Samsung crawled through their records they determined I did not purchase this unit from one of their “”direct exchange merchants””. So

OK Samsung

what does that mean? It means