He was hired as an expert and also assigned by the court to do therapy. I paid for months and months of appointments all to have things made worse and not better. | He allowed months and months to go by and really did nothing that was of any help. He then went to court 2 times and did not present everything in a factual manner. Over many months he would speak to one side and tell them one thing and then the other side and say another until no one knew what was really being done. | While I felt he was there to help I have found out that he is more worried about not getting referrals from the court system. He would be asked to report things that were never reported and tell people he was sending letters that were never once sent. He just did everything to hinder things and allowed months to go by between appointments. | They should never allow someone like this to treat families and claim to be an expert when he clearly did not do anything but say walk away from each other. What kind of person gives that advice when you are talking about kids.


  • Name: Samuel Romirowsky, PhD
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Media
  • Address: 20 W 3rd St
  • Phone: 610-558-2777
  • Website: www.samromirowskyphd.com