Complaint: SD DCSS filed a court action against me on 12/06/97 in an attempt to collect money to pay for foster care arrears and used my CA. DMV report as evidence of my residence…the original amount being well over $29,000. The only problem is that my CA. DMV record showed that my residence was in Tennessee as of summer 95. SD DCSS intentionally omitted the fact that I no longer lived in CA. in order to win a default judgment without my knowledge, therefore comitting fraud (with malice) and denied me my Constitutional right of Due Process. I believe it was primarily because I was an easy target since I had been in foster care as a teen. My daughter had spent time in foster care and was molested at age 5 and raped repeatedly at age 6 while in foster care, causing a need for extended foster care in order to protect her younger sibling from her. Adequate psychological care was never given to my child after being sexually abused in SD custody and the orignal problem was exascerbated 1000 fold. A legal action against me to pay for the foster care had very little chance of success due to the abuse that happened in foster care. I made dozens of attempts to find out what was going on after my tax returns started being hijacked, my TN. driver’s licence was suspended, passport renewal denied, could not find employment and I was threatened with jail by TN. child support officials in 2000. I was treated harshly when I would call in an attempt to find out what was going on. My reputation has become that of an abusive criminal who was also a dead beat parent, therefore I was treated as such. My wages began garnishment in 2006 and every job I have had since have been garnished. The Family Law Facilitator’s office in San Diego corresponded with me and I was informed on 06/10/10 that SD DCSS had filed and won a default judgment in 97. Within 90 days of learning this info, I filed a “Motion To Show Cause”” against the judgment. I proved in CA. Superior Court

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: San Diego County

Website: supposedly. The Judicial Officer

Phone: that I had never received any notice and that my residence was TN. as far back as 95