I received a phone call from both: 858-444-6274 and from number: 714-215-0509. He said he was a sheriff from San Diego county and I missed my jury duty court appearance. He said I needed to go pay a fine for Failure to Appear in Court for $378 and Contempt of Court for $972. He said I needed to go to a Food 4 Less and get a Recharge Personal Finance Card. They did not accept cash, check or credit card. He said I needed to bring 2 forms of ID and I would be reimbursed by the Department of Treasury tomorrow. He said that if I didn’t go down tonight I could get arrested and I need to stay on the phone with him the entire time. I explained I wanted to wait for my husband to get home because I didn’t feel comfortable going down somewhere I didn’t understand and he said I couldn’t wait and I needed to go now. I had a very hard time hearing him from the beginning and he was not well spoken which made me question if he was really a sheriff. When I asked for his badge number he hung up.