I own a tub and countertop resurfacing company. I was hired by Keith Tanner, owner of Sandals Construction to do a tub and tile resurfacing job for him. He contracted by Invitation homes and I was the sub-contractor to do their resurfacing. I proceeded to to the job for him with the belief that I would be paid within 30 of completion of the job as agreed. It has now been over 180 days since job completion and I am still without being paid. I have sent multiple e-mails, invoices, and phone calls to him and his company in which I have had no answer to any. Keith Tanner and Sandals Construction was paid by Invitation Homes for their invoice for my work that he has yet to pay me for. Do not do work for him or his company. He will not pay you for work done and will not answer your calls or emails for payment. This has reached the point to where I am seeking legal help to get my just payment. Of all the contruction companies I have done work for, Keith and his company are the only ones that refuse to pay their invoices. I will say the only time I talked to someone was his daughter who said Keith hasnt paid because Invitation Homes said I was too expensive to use anymore. (This is his excuse after working for Invitaion Homes for over a year) The work has been done for over 180 days, and I have been waiting long enough. If you work for him, have a lawyer on stand-by, you will need it. If he does work for you, you can bet he will want his money on time. I would not recommend this company to do any sort of work for anyone. A company who does not pay their bills can not be trusted. Oh, by the way, he only owes me $450.00. .

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