Sandoner Sand Graffiti artist Absolute Scam Los Angeles Nationwide!!. There is this young woman calling herself Sand aka Sandoner selling her graffiti dolls on anything she can get her hands on. 2 months ago I have ordered some of her stuff stickers cushions air fresheners. Everything is so overpriced but I thought I will get some quality, man I was wrong. Her air fresheners stopped releasing fragnance after a week I was hoping for a bit more fot $15. Also bought 2 of her cushions and after 2 weeks they just went flat like a paper no stuffing inside. I emailed her and asked for a replacement as I ve spent over $200 in her shop. She told me I was rude as I have purchased her artwork for the price not the item and I should be happy I got them so cheap. No exchange no refund!!! Dont fall for her scam!
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