I am very disappointed that a Lady named Sandra Rulvacaba but now Sandra Torres and her colleague Michael masterminded an heist, actually promised to get my loan funded to me and assured me that if I can pay the fee of $645 to her that my loan will be funded. At first she asked me to pay $392 for a loan administrative fee and that’s all is needed to process my loan. After I sent the fee directly to her account she delayed me for some period of time and came up with another fee of $87 needed to secure the closing paper work for the loan, she promised me that immediately this fee is paid I will get the loan funded at this particular time I began to sense that something isn’t right about this transaction but after so many thoughts and desperation for this loan I actually sent the money to her account again. Immediately I got the money sent she disappeared again for some time and later on came back and said she was having health issues and promised to finalize my loan immediately she recovers fully. | With this I was hoping to get the loan funded to my bank account then again she cooked another story that she has got my loan sent to me and she even sent me a copy of the wire transfer receipt of which I’m not sure if it was legit or not and she demanded $166 immediately to complete the insurance process of the because it’s an unsecured loan. I pleaded she should hold on that immediately the loan reflects in my account I will send the fee immediately but she said the transfer won’t go through unless I get the fee sent to her. With this I already knew this wasn’t legit but I wanted to see how this whole thing will be finalized and I got the fee sent to her. Finally I waited for the day when wire of the loan funds should reflect in my account but nothing showed and I took the receipt directly to my bank, immediately they saw the receipt they told me it wasn’t legit and I have been working with a con artist not just a con artist but a professional because the receipt for wire which she sent to me was far too legit and looks real to me and the bank representatives. | After much after much confirmation I was told it’s a fake transaction, I went home with my heart filled with surprise because I never knew a lady can also be a very very professional fraud agent. She never did confront me again after I told her the bank said this transaction isn’t legit and I asked for my refund but she never responded to me. After some weeks I got to search for her through Facebook and I saw her info and everything and I messaged her on Facebook to get my refund, she promised to get my refund sent back to me today 03/17/2017 but up till this very moment the whole story didn’t change, she has disappeared again and no response from her. I have a copy of all the wires which I sent to her and I am filing a complaint with the fraud department to get her nabbed for doing such a harm to me and my family. She even scammed someone named Lee Laurie Wrede and claimed she sent him his refund but nothing of such happened. I am using this medium to let the public know about this Sandra Torres aka Sandra Ruvalcaba Torres and her colleague Michael that whenever you come across them kindly run away from them because they are not legit and they are professionals for loan scams.


  • Name: Sandra Torres
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Turlock
  • Address: 1369 Joett Drive
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.sandratorres.com/