Went 2 cartoons in Santa Rosa to have two stereos installed in my 2001 limousine. The Man Behind the Counter I think he said his name was Mike spent time looking at some Stereos on the internet that would be able to hook up 3 monitors. He found some and order two of them one for the front and one for the back of the limo. Brand name, JVC model number kd-av41bt. Set a appointment left my car there call them at 3:50 they told me they were not done yet and I told him no hurry call me when it’s ready. | They called me at and told me my car is ready. I went and picked it up. They had some guy I never even seen before show me how to work the front one. All stereos wear the same brand so we basically did not talk about the one in the back of the limo. Next day I go out to my limo and can’t find my speaker to the stereo. So then I proceeded to take one screw off which you could tell that screw was never disturb before because there is rust on it and no trace of a Phillips screwdriver. Took the screw out pull the monitor screen faceplate that holds two of them forward and realize it was just unplugged. | The other one would not work. I proceeded to try to get the other one to work which was a big mistake cuz I’m not a technician and somehow I screwed them up and neither one of them work. I called Mike at the counter to find out where my microphone was and he says it’s probably in the Box and my response was there is nothing in the two boxes that they gave me. His next response was we didn’t know you wanted those hooked up. I kind of laughed to myself about common sense. | We talked about it in my thing is why would I be bringing in a limousine to have a Bluetooth stereo put in it without having the microphone to work when I have my friends in the back in case they want to use their phones. I am trying to find out what they charge me for the time they said they spent trying to get the two monitors to work when the proof of the evidence shows that they never even attempted it because I was able to do it by just plugging in 1 wire. And I’m not even a technician. But they charge me time to do this. Please get back to me ASAP please very upset I feel like I got taken advantage of


  • Name: Santa Rosa Cartunes
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Santa Rosa
  • Address: 2450 Santa Rosa Ave
  • Phone: 707-546-8585
  • Website: www.srcartunes.com/