First of all, his name is Santino Stevens. He goes by Mike when you meet him, and seems honest and decent. We had a contract for them to do a 2″ layer of asphalt over our existing damaged driveway after they leveled it. | The “leveling” consisted of a couple of guys hammering off one or two higher points and throwing the debris into the low points. They then proceeded to add the asphalt but given that now, just 4 months later, it’s completely worn through in multiple spots on the driveway, it’s clear it wasn’t even close to 2″ thick. It appears to be less than 1/2″ thick on most of the driveway. | They claimed they couldn’t finish the rest of the driveway that day because they needed several 65 degree days in a row before they could do blacktop. He assured me they would be back as soon as they could, and said he required payment in full. I said specifically “you’re not going to take this money and then not show up again to finish the job, are you?” and he laughed, saying “I’m not going to skip down for a blacktop job, no”. | I have called 22 times since then, leaving messages with the woman who answers the phone, and have been told on several different occasions that they would be coming on a specific day. We moved all 4 of our cars off the drivway and into the street for the 4 different days they said they’d show up to finish the driveway, they never showed. | I have left text messages and have called several times again, but now they won’t even answer my calls. I paid $2850 for a horribly repaired half a driveway that I need to pay someone to come fix, and another half of a driveway which was never done at all. | BEWARE of PRO ASPHALT, SANTINO STEVENS or MIKE STEVENS. Clearly a bunch of con artists who will take advantage of anybody willing to give them a shot at their business.


  • Name: Santino Stevens
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Rochester
  • Address: 1630 Long Pond Road
  • Phone: 585-820-5909
  • Website: