Sara Bobst has been married w/ kids for several yrs. She is an ex-girlfriend of my mans from several yrs back. They have texted & meet up several times over the yrs. During the past two years that him and I have been living together planning on a wedding they continued to text and meet. A little over a year ago we almost broke up because I had found text from her to him saying how she loved him and sending him vulgar pictures. I’m not saying that my man is innocent however his conversation was more friendly then her rebuttal. A long story short he had sent her a text message letting her know that him and I plan to get married and that he didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Come to find out that was not the end of Sara. Yes he too has been responding and she has continued to text him call him and send him more pictures she even sing a song on his voicemail about how much she missed him. She was nice enough today to brag about what she looks like and provide me with this full frontal picture for me to share. When I told her that I was going to expose her 2 her husband and her kids exact words to me I don’t give a f*** so here it is ladies beware she only wants to married men and she is not just in Zanesville she has family in Mount Vernon she has been in Grove City and in and out and Columbus.