Took money from me claiming hardships


My Complaint: I met this person on a Christian dating site. She claimed to be in Dubai UAE on a business trip. I talked for several weeks with her and she said her daughter had lost her purse with all her money. She said she deals in computer equipment and was short on importing and other fees. She then said her visa expired and was fined. After helping her with all that she said she was ready to come home and start a life with me.. She claimed that while in the airport her daughter was injured and required hospital care. I asked for proof. I was sent an email by a Dr. Ishmael from a private hospital claiming she had a “dislocated joint”. The hospital’s name is Al Ahmady. I sent over $11,000.00 to pay for hospital care. She then said they would not let her daughter go home because she needed medications and crutches for an additional $14,000.00. I stopped there and asked why she couldn’t fly back to the states and get the money. She had earlier stated that she had received payment form her shipments totaling $780.000.00 and could not cash the check until returning back to the states.
I had asked for a lawyer to email me to verify this, and I did receive the email.
I lost a total of $30,000.00 and have receipts from Money Gram to prove it. This person was on Christian Mingle and went under the name “anewchapter112”. She stated that upon returning from the UAE she would be relocating to Hartford CT.


My Demand: Any amount that can be recovered