My experience with this owner was a total nightmare. In Oct 2013, I reserved this property 3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE to celebrate my wife’s 30th during the weekend of Jan 10, 2014. Friends were coming from out of town to surprise her. It was a very big deal. On Oct 29, I gave the owner a $250 deposit by Paypal. Final payment was due Dec 28. However, that date slipped my mind because of the time that passed and because I was busy traveling with my family for Christmas. On Dec 30, the owner emailed me about this. I responded within hours, apologized and told her that I would ask my bank to issue a check to her. The owner replied she was concerned because the check was to be issued on Jan 6, which was 4 days before our arrival. (For some reason, BofA needed that much time to issue the check.) However, I assure her the check would be good. I heard nothing else from her — until Jan 6. On the morning of Jan 6, the owner sent me a curt email saying that she was CANCELING MY RESERVATION and WE WERE NOT WELCOME and that she was KEEPING MY DEPOSIT. I was shocked and panicked. She never called or emailed me to say she was about to do this. She just did it. I called her immediately and left a message apologizing profusely and pleading with her not to do this. I sent an email saying the same. I also begged her to send me a Paypal so I could make a credit card payment immediately (just as I did for my deposit). I heard nothing from her that day. Then it dawned on me that this owner was going to keep my deposit and rent the house for full value elsewhere just to pad her profit. Why else would she refuse to allow me to pay by credit card? She had no regard for our plans. But there’s moreu2026 The next day, she emailed me and claimed that my check arrived and she accused me of “perpetrating a fraud”” on her. I was flabbergasted. SHE was the one who had taken my $250

refused my request to make full payment — and she was calling ME the fraud! Even now

I can’t describe I angry and outraged I am. This owner is

at best

very unstable