This homewrecker cheated on her own good husband with the guy I was in a relationship and living with in 2011. She was having my boyfriend at the time meet her at motels so they could have sex  without her husband knowing or myself. She would text the man I was with 24/7 and was such a skank that she was even sending pictures to him, even while she was in her own home with her own husband home as well. Her husband at the time thought something was going on because he found out from their bank account that she was paying for motel stays with his money, so he tapped her phone and computer and was able to get enough proof. The guy I was seeing at the time was a drunk and was controlling and had a history of domestic violence so I wasn’t wanting to keep him. || This woman’s husband found me on Facebook and told me everything and even showed me all the messages sent between his wife and my boyfriend. She knew she was messing with another woman’s man,but it didn’t matter to her. The guy I was with only wanted to be with her because he was losing his house to his ex-wife and so he needed someone else to sponge off of. A year after they started living together, (removed). Her boyfriend, my ex, got mad at her and choked her in her own home and threatened to kill her but even though she had him arrested, she dropped charges and lied to all her friends and family and said he didn’t do anything to her and that she was completely happy in her relationship and claimed up and down that this and he was a great catch lol which he wasn’t. She gave up a devoted husband who let her leave for weekends, leaving him with their kids so she could go out drinking and homewrecking. She even admitted they never had domestic violence in her marriage. || Her husband divorced her within months. Her ex husband and I became good friends and then fell in love with each other. A few weeks before she was told that her ex husband and I were living together, she called her ex husband up to talk bad about her boyfriend and even told her ex husband she was eventually kicking him out and wanted to start over again, and that’s when she was told NO and told about me. Of course then her story changed and she claimed she was happy and her boyfriend was the best, but they didn’t last like we knew they wouldn’t. They are no longer together and like with everyone Sarah hates, she talks bad about and posts so much crap online. She is a social media whore. She can be found on Pinterest, facebook as Sarah Lynn,and linkedin. She has a daycare in her home and was exposing these children to the alcohol in the home, and the domestic violence in the home. One of her best friends even took her 2 kids out of the daycare and stopped being friends with this woman.She thinks everyone wants to be her and have her life, but I am sorry, not everyone wants to grow up to be a homewrecker or someone who can’t be faithful when they are married or in a relationship with someone. She lives in St.Peters/St.Charles Missouri.