Sarah lynn taylor had a child with her boyfriend Brandon Donahue. Well, obviously she wasn’t content, I’ve known her since high school, she has a pretty huge track record of sleeping with anyone and everything that will A. Support her B. Get her drugs to feed her addiction or C. Promise her marriage. She started messaging and texting my husband when we lost our apartment. Yes I realize he is to blame as well. Their both skeeze bag addicts and deserve each other but he was living with his aunt for a few weeks and I was living with my mom just until we figured out where we were going to move. Dans aunt called me one night to let me know that sarah was over when she got home and that her nasty crusty old underwear were thrown on her floor when she got there. Well after that they started seeing eachother and she sent me a picture of her blowing my husband off of his phone the next day. She has successfully destroyed his life which was her goal from the very beginning. She’s a leech. She made him lose every job he’s ever had, every place, every last family member and even kept him from seeing his son and this has been going on for about a year now. She has a daughter she doesn’t even take care of ever. I remember when I was trying to be the bigger person in the beginning dans aunt and I had her daughter over at her duplex and she was so hungry she ate a box of crackers.. Funny how she has so much money for booze and drugs but not to feed her child. Long story short she’s made my life hell and ruined his. Watch out for her especially if you’re married because she has absolutely no reapect or morals and she won’t stop until she destroys everything in her path.