Well I have to say that I agree with the above statement here! This man who uses the AKA Zach Black is a very dangerous man! He will track you down, stalk you, harass you and your family for information to discredit you in any way he can! He will hack into your bank account and no matter what you do, how you hide from him, where you hide, how you hide he will find you and as well will have others find you! Due to what he did to me not long ago my family is in danger! Now due to his tactics my family will have to move out of the city where they live! My family does not have the means to move so they are foced to stay put! I do not care what happens to me but I want my family left alone!! The company he keeps will do anything that he tells them to do to others! Do not associate yourself with this site or the people that run this networking site!

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