In November, 2001, I ordered two items from the Satin N Lace Shops through their website. I paid them with my credit card and they quickly took my money. Since then, after extensive phone calls, e-mails and letters, I have nothing – no merchandise and no refund. I have been requesting my refund since February, 2002 but have only gotten apologies, false promises, and lies from one of the owners, Mike Uhde and the ignorant, overpaid embecile, Phyllis. nI could tell Phyllis was a complete idiot, but I should have realized she was just a decoy for this company when she answered my numerous calls over the past six months with “hello”” instead of the company’s name. nI wish I had never found this company’s website and will tell as many people as possible

which will include the press

how deceitful and dishonest this company has been. They have embezzled my hard-earned money and I intend on getting it back

whatever it takes! nConnienHuntington Beach