My name is Armaghan R. | I am filing this report from Connecticut US and I have already lodged my complaint with the international aviation organization’s office in Newyork, Head office in Canada. | I want to send you the complete list of events before I pursue my case further with local courts in U.S. and International Aviation organisation. | Me, My wife and My parents decided to Visit U.S. In October, 2017 so we purchased tickets from a Local travel agent in Islamabad, Pakistan and traveled on the 31st of October reaching New York on the 1st of November 2017. | We used Saudi airlines for the first time, since we have traveled in Qatar, Etihad and Emirates before and we were thinking Saudi Airlines would be as good as those airlines or even better then them. However we had a terrible terrible experience while coming back. My wife and me traveled from JFK to Islamabad, Pakistan on the 8th of January 2018. | However since the weather was bad in New York were missed our flight from Jeddah to Islamabad and we had to stay on the airport for the night. To my surprise we were not offered any services and I had to fight with the Airport Supervisor from 2pm till 7pm when he eventually refused us any place in the lounge. Eventually I had to pay the business lounge people till the next day i.e. 10th of January so that we could fly back from Jeddah airport to Islamabad. | While reaching Islamabad we lost our luggage and then one of the bags was torn apart completely. The images for the Bag and the Claim form is attached to this email. After all this happened, the worst had yet to come and that was when my parents had to travel back from U.S. They had a same flight from New York [INVALID]-> Jeddah [INVALID]-> Islamabad and had a one hour stay in Jeddah, however on a different date i.e. in February but they were not allowed to board. The reason the Saudi airline representatives gave on the JFK Airport was that they wont be able to catch the other flight from Jeddah to Islamabad. | I don’t know why the Saudi Airline came up with that reason when my wife and me traveled on the same flight and we were allowed to board the plane from New York although that plane was late because of the blizzard there. Anyhow since my parents were not allowed to board, the Saudi airline people charged them for another ticket (Stating that was unfair by the airline themselves). | My Parents missed my cousins wedding here and when they went to the airport the second time after then, they were told again that the ticket they purchased 3 days ago was canceled again and they were supposed to pay even more for the airline ticket and also the luggage which was totally absurd and ridiculous since the ticket issued by Saudi airline it self-was canceled by them. | I am going to send more info in the Rebuttals. | The person who they appointed to deal with me here in US was AMIRA HEGAZI who is SUPV ADMINISTRATION. | Every employee Saudi Airline has, has been cheating us.


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