I needed a moving company to provide a full size truck and labor to move a 4-bedroom home. With an estimated 3-5 hours of manhour."Redmond Savers" charged a $150 deposit and agreed to provide the truck and a 3 man crew to do the work starting 10AM on a Friday to move domestic items to a new address 12 miles away.They failed to send a summary email to acknowledge the payment and the agreement over the phone.They stated they will notify me hours before the ‘move’ activity, they did not. The avoid more calls to confirm the appointment.They kept me on hold for hours on end.I was lied to by several members of the organization, a Sarah or Sara, a Dwayne and so on.After pursuing them for 5 days, they gathered together a cast of 5 individual with little no experience in the "Moving" business.In place of a proper moving truck they came in a trailer that looks like a mobile-home that is someone’s home.The team came over and made a big mess of the house, miss handled furniture and boxes.Less than 20% of the required work was done and I had to spend more time and money to fix the mess and seek an alternate solution to my moving needs.