They “sell” good looking items for “cheap” prices and the money goes to something good. But no. You pay for a piece of junk ,that mostly, is broken when arrives. If it arrives. Many people won’t even get their orders and the company won’t refound the money. They offer a gift carf for a discount or a free item off their site. | I’ve been trying to get my money back for a “free” necklace. But they refuse to. I’ve also read a lot of people getting scamed by these people. Please read more on this link: | I’ve also encountered their other site Dog Pawty, that seems to offer items meant for dog owners. But it’s all the same. The website is even built the same way. | Trying to find their contact adress on their site ain’t possible. Only an email for “customer service” that’s ain’t answering anyone. All I’ve gotten are “copy-paste” replies. In other words, an automatic reply. | Please stop these people from stealing more money of people!


  • Name: Save Our Oceans
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City: Oklahoma
  • Address: 12417 Jasper Ave
  • Phone: (405) 246-6781
  • Website: