Complaint: I signed on with Saveology for a 7 Day trial period. I questioned the associate multiple times about the cancellation period to which I was told as long as I cancelled during the trial period I’d be fine and the Monthly charge would not be charged to my account. We agreed to get my Magazine subscription started to which I got to choose 5 magazines and even if I cancelled I was able to keep the magazines. If I choose to stay I’d get two more subscriptions! In addition I’d be receiving a $100.00 Dining Coupon book for 4.95 and an Itunes Card for 10.00. Needless to say I cancelled on day 4 because the more research I did on the company I was extremely nervous of the decision I made. I was cheerefully Told Everything would be OK by Nicole on 1/3/2013. On 2/20/2013 I called again and surprisingly I spoke again with Nicole and she told me I didn’t cancel in time that must have been why I was charged, until I reminded her of the date/time I spoke with her! She apologized tried to re-sell me and offered me another 100.00 Dining Book as an apology. To this day I have never seen the Dining Credits, not a 1.00 of the 200.00 promised, a magazine, or an ITunes card. If it wasn’t for my credit card company the 2-times Saveology charged me I’d be out all that money also! This company whether they be in FL or Jamaica now should be ashamed of themselves and the people they scammed!

Tags: Restaurants

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 866-693-3632