My Complaint: people beware!!! this company is a rip off. the company signed me up and used my bank information to charge me $87 for this program, which i did not authorize. after i checked with my bank, i discovered my money was gone, the bank declined to do something until i talked to someone at this company. i called on 12/28/15 and was told to allow one week for them to solve the problem and refund my bank account for the erroneous charge. however, after i called on 1/4/16, i was told the faxed records from my bank had not been received and again to allow another week for the faxes to be reviewed. as anyone can imagine, i was very upset because it was the second time i had been told to wait one week for them to look up the records. i must say, customer service is very well trained, they are just like an automated machine that repeats the same words, word per word. as anyone can imagine after calling several times and being told exactly the same thing over and over, i was extremely upset and asked the customer service employee just to tell me if they were going to refund my money or if they intended to keep it. i just did not want to waste more time calling and calling. finally after i called again on 1/12/16, the customer service employee informed me to allow another week, and off course that did it. i told the woman that i was going to write a review on facebook because this just did not make any sense and explained that every time i called i was told the same thing over and over and she stated that as soon as someone got my message they would return my call. well, finally after i told the woman at customer service that i was going to write a review on fb she called me and left a message in my voice mail stating they had received the fax showing the bank statement where the money had been taking out and to top it off, the message stated that i needed to allow 30 days on top of the time i had been waiting for them to check their faxes. this is outrageous. they have copies of the papers signed stating i did not authorize the charge to my bank account, they have copies of the bank statement showing the money was taken out of my account, i faxed the papers 5 times and it took from 12/28/15 to 1/12/16 to check their fax machine just to tell me i have to allow 30 days to get my refund back. t h i s is r i d i c u l o u s!!!
please b e w a r e, do not enter information on the internet because you may never see your money again. this company is a f r a u d!!!45 days to get a refund is outrageous. it sounds like they want to keep that very little money to run their scam of business because people are probably asking for their money back and just do not have the resources to back up this business. i will keep you updated as to see how long it takes this company to refund my money. in the meantime i will report this issue to all the internet venues i can think off.