Charged me monthly 16.95 since Oct. I sent in receipts to receive rebate. It’s now June, never got rebate. Asked to be refunded. They hung up on me. | Enrolled in their rebate program in which they charge a monthly fee of 16.95. They say to send in receipts and that I will receive 10% back in the form of a Visa gift card. Processing time stated was 6-8 weeks. I sent in receipts in Oct. Never got rebate. I called and called and each time they told me that it was processed and sent. Yet, it never came. I called again. Same answer. It’s now June. I called today and spoke to a supervisor, who not only couldn’t give me the status of my rebate, but said that she was just going to cancel my account. I requested a refund of the monthly fees, and she said that she wouldn’t do that. | I said that I would have to dispute this with the bank since they didn’t provide the service they promised, and she said “we’ve increased our customers by 30% since you signed up, I think we’ll be just fine”. And then she hung up on me. So, I called my bank and reported it. Don’t get caught up in this scam! False promises. False advertising. They will take your money, not give you anything, and then it will be up to you to call the bank and dispute. I have had to change my debit card, resulting in having to also change all of the auto payments that were linked to it.