Complaint: I want my money back, will return a not used brand new 5th wheel. I was asked what I would use the truck for, told them towing horses. I mistakenly ordered a 5th wheel(when I should have ordered the gooseneck ball, since thats what all horse trailers use). I was first quoted $599 for the 5th wheel, then after I bought the truck, the salesman called and said it would be $1899, but they would give it to me at cost since they gave me the wrong price. I ended up paying $1749 only to find out from my horse trailer dealer, I could not use it. Less than 23 hrs after buying the 5 th wheel and never using it, Ford refuses to take it back. I called the customer complaint phone and after 1 hr of talking with the representative, she told me they would not take it back. This is my 3rd(and last) Ford dually. The service dept. manager at Sawgrass absolutely refused to take back something that is brand new. I admit I asked for the 5th whell and should have asked for a gooseneck ball, but if you are selling trucks, and you ask me what am I pulling, you should know what I need and what I dont need. I just bought a $60k truck, and as I previously explained my 3rd dually, along with other Fords in the past, and I felt the service manager JANOS SZAJKA was confrontational and self appointed omnipotent. WHEN I ASKED TO SPEAK TO SOMEBODY ABOVE HIM, HE SAID ONLY THE OWNER WAS ABOVE HIM. Salesman Josh was a nice young man, as was Kris Sanchez the finace manager. Mr.Szajka stated that the only thing he could do is get me the “gooseneck kit”” at cost

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Address: $175

Website: the truck already has it

Phone: but would not take back the 5th wheel. He also said he would not install the gooseneck kit if I decided to buy it from him. I guess he took it upon himself not to install anything for me