When I went to the facility, I knew fully well, what was the procedure that I needed to get done? But the doctor is there they tricked me into getting a different procedure done because they said that it would be less painful as well as less costly. So that’s what I did. I did not know what would happen later. Later, I find after 6 months that I have been charged with three hundred dollars approx. Because the procedure that I went for was of $300. Well, I did not want to go for that procedure and the procedure that I wanted to go for was only a hundred dollars. They tricked me into paying more. They tricked me into getting a procedure which they said was better for me, but I did not find it better. I still have pain in my gums. I am not able to speak properly because of that and right now I am going through a lot of rework on the doctors works. Just so that. Can get back to normal. Which is costing me more? And moreover I have to pay this charge of 300 dollars because the bill

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