qualified for gov’t grant


My Complaint: I received a phone call about me being qualified and picked for a gov’t grant to pay for bills, I was sleeping when i answered so I was a little off and started answering the questions. I realized I was blindly giving info so I started to ask for verification myself and was given a website and phone number. The person agreed to call me back in a half hour and I check the site which wasn’t a correct address and the phone number wasn’t to a gov’t office. I called a few times to make sure with out a one in front it just rang and with a one I got a person who sounded the same and got irritated with me when I ask questions. When the person called back a half hour later he gave me a reason why I had trouble getting through with out me asking and hung up on me when I asked him what the reason was for.


My Demand: i have no demands I just want to report this scam