My Complaint: I replied to a job posting on craigslist for a personal assistant. This guy by the name of Andrew J. Carter contacted my by email saying he wanted to hire me as his personal assistant because he is in finance and travels alot…i would be able to meet up with me in probably 3 wks when he gets back..in the meantime i receive a ck via FedEx overnight for $2854.36 as I”m instructed to go right to my bank and have it deposited/cashed, take $510 out for my WEEKLY SALARY!!?? and take an additional $15 out for gas money..I’m then to send the remaining $2329.36 via money gram to an orphanage home somewhere, but wouldn’t give me anymore info about where the orphanage is until I tell him if the check cleared or not. I told him i went Saturday to set up a checking account and deposited the check, and also told him it takes 3 days for it to clear, which would be Tuesday this week. He has been texting me from 585-563-3906 and asked if I checked my checking account to see if it cleared yet because he said the check did clear his account already…THATS FUNNY SINCE I HAVENT OPENED A CHECKING ACCT AT ALL NOR TRIED TO CASH THIS BOGUS CHECK, BUT YET IT CLEARED HIS BANK? OK BUDDY…THATS WHY IM PLAYING YOUR GAME WITH YOU..ONLY BETTER AND COLLECTING ALL THE INFO I CAN ON YOU..ONLY TO TURN ALL OF THIS INTO THE AUTHORITIES!! SILLY RABBIT, TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS!


My Demand: Catch these scammers!!