My Complaint: I recieved a text message by the number listed above to apply for a position with Amana GroupI. They also wanted me to interview via Yahoo Messenger. It just seemed to good to be They were going to set me up with a trainer to set started in the a.m. which they said would only take a few minutes. They were going to send me a check to purchase the necessary office equipment that I would need. They offered me $24.75/ hour wages and said I could start out part time to see if I liked it. But, before any of this can happen, they said I need to purchase a special time tracker and to western union 352.00 to a person in Jackson, Mississippi. when I refused they got so insistant that they could no longer spell right. It might be a good idea to research this to see if they really were real.


My Demand: Example: Partial money back