Going online dating sites to scam women of money.


My Complaint: I was friended online by a so called man contracted by the military who was deployed. After the trust was built up he started asking for money to get a phone, help with transportation, and jewelry. He claimed he will pay it back once he getd home. I did give him some money but didn’t like the fact that they wanted my bank acct. info so they can deposit the money in my acct. I told them they don’t need my access code, acct.#, passwords, and email passwords to do a deposit. Then I noticed the plane ticket was not valid. There was no flight number. I am still in contact with these men. There are five of them or so they say. Christopher Bennett who is on Tagged.com Christophet B. 35 from Converse, Tx, email [email protected]. His pictures look American but is believed to be stolen pics of a US soldier. Ian Gray is the account officer. Damien Darby is a pick up at 101 west gonzales rd. #28 Oxnard, Ca. Alexander Itua is in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. 33309. He is on Facebook and Black Planet. Opeuluwa Kuti Isolo, Lagos, Nigeria 23401. All transactions were made via WesterUnion. Some of them may be the same man. Their language skills were really good, hardly any mispelled words and a slight accent but he said he was from NY and used some of the dialect.

Names used: Christopher Bennett, Ian Gray
Phone numbers used: +2348083277430 and 803-997-0737


My Demand: Mainly to try and help other people not be scammed by them. If possible recover any money lost.