I bought a Tribal Belly Dance skirt from SCARLET’S BELLY DANCE LOUNGE on eBay for almost $140. When i was ready to pay, there was an error message which notified me that the transaction was not completed. I went to PayPal and the transactions was there. I contacted the seller and she was aware of the purchase and said I will get the skirt in February like it was described on eBay. nIt has been 5 months since I purchased this item and I never got it. I contacted the Seller several times and she kept saying:n-February 18: “your skirt will be ready in about a week

I will send you a delivery confirmation.”” n(delivery confirmation was never sent) n-March 27: “”I am trying to locate your transaction on PayPal but nothing is coming up.””n-April 1: “”my records indicate that your skirt has been shipped””n-April 6: “”I don’t know what happened

I’m thinking your order got mixed up during the holiday madness

I will get you a new skirt asap.”” nMAY 6 still no response from her. This is a very irresponsible

unprofessional seller and this is why I am reporting GINA CABRERA from SCARLET’S LOUNGE.”