Complaint: I have been trying to reach out to this builder for ever!! Since I have been in this home there have been roofing problems, plubming issues, wood on stairs and back deck splitting with nails lifting, the laundry door was put on incorrectly, etc, etc, etc. The property behind my home is fenced off to seperate my property from, what I now know, belongs to the Scenic Homes. The land on their side of the fence is overrun with trees, weeds and garbage. The trees have grown at a rate that they are now on my property, pushing against my home. One of the branches is inches away from my window. Also becasue their property sits on a hill, trees are disturbing the land to the point where my foundation is suffering (nails exposed in walls, chaulking cracking, cracks in walls). If you look out into the backyard you can see where the fence is starting to come out of the ground because of the shifting. I was told that the builder went bankrupt and when I called the number on the website it is disconnected. I was told that Scenic Homes now operates out of SC as Savvy Homes. I have reached out to them and of course they deny that they are the same company. So it appears that I am going to be stuck with thousands of dollars in repairs BUYERS BE AWARE!!!!!

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