Complaint: I bought a 1998 Honda civic EX with 26,000 miles on it that had 2 previous owners (that I have not yet contacted)from Schlossmanns Honda City of Greenfield, WI. When I bought the car it came with a certified warranty which the salesman had told me he knew nothing about and had no copy of the warranty for me to see but told me not to worry because I would get the warranty via: mail in 2 weeks. I eneded up buying a 2 year/48,000 mile warranty just to be safe. At 47,000 miles I brought my car in because I smelled oil burning and the car overheated from time to time. The mechanic from Schlossmanns assured me there was no problem. At 77,000 miles the car engine blew. I went to Schlossmanns and talked to the General manager about it and he asked if the car was certified. I said yes it was and he said then its covered. I was relieved. I never knew the engine was covered because I never recieved the warranty that was supposed to be shipped after 2 weeks of the purchase. The next day the car was towed. I recieved a call from the service advisor the next day and he told me the cost would be $5,500. I told him it was backed by a certified warranty and he said he didnt know that and appologized. He then told me a Honda Care specialist would come out to confirm the engine was bad and they would replace it. A week later the advisor called me back and said Honda Care wants oil change reciepts. I said I dont have reciepts but the mechanic that did the oil changes could write me a letter. The advisor said that would be fine. I gave them the letter and recieved a call the next day that the letter wasnt good enough. The advisor then told me to be persistent with Honda Care. I called Honda Care several of times and was promised several of times that the ” specialist “” would get back to me but up until this day they still havent called me. I contacted a lawyer on July 1. The lawyer wanted the warranty so he wrote a letter to Honda Care for a warranty and still no warranty. I went back to Schlossmanns and asked Craig Lucas for the warranty and he said he didnt have one available and that Schlossmanns doesnt handle warranty issues

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Address: Honda Care does. I said funny that this dealership has no problem selling cars backed by warranties but doesnt want to deal with warranty issues. I then asked him if he ever even saw a certified warranty and his reply was no. This is no way for a business to treat a customer. I work in long term care and we bend over backwards for our customers. Nobody wants to accept responsibility for anything and im fed up. I will never give up until my engine is repaired. John South Milwaukee

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