Complaint: I am writing this to thank you as a person who is a victim and most of all my children are victims. I have seen for myself, the corrupption and lies and writing up false reports and allegations. I COMMEND you as a worker, that you spoke up, and I as a victim will speak up, What has happened to my children and myself has been a vandictive and spiteful move on a CPS worker Melissa Packard who has lied, slandered and had no right to even be involved in my life. Yes she has hurt me, but I can handle that, my kids who have NEVER been neglected, abused, who have had everything above and beyond have been hurt in this. I have to play the game right now, because I do not trust the repracussions that I know will come with it and more lies will suddenly appear. I will however after this is done fight hard and I will make sure the truth comes out and if she snd her supervisor think I have no proof, they are poorly mistaken, not only proof but extremely qualified professionals on my be-half. DSS is suppose to help and protect children in need, I see these poor children all over the place and where is dss then, they are out abusing there so called power to either gain personal revenge or destroy families wasting money thay should be going to children who need the help. I do believe things happen for a reason, maybe this is happening because something REALLY needs to be done about the corruption in Schoharie, who seem to think they are untouchable, Most people walk away because they know the consequences of fighting them will lead to a battle for their family, Something has to be done, and I too ask anyone who is dealing with Schoharie county without warrant to please come forth, it needs to stop. They seem to foget this is a small county and the people that work in these departments, I myself know a lot of information that could fuel a fire, however I have not made this personal unlike Mellissa Packard and her supervisor Amy wright. I will however make this right, but I can not do it alone. Carma has a way of working out but how many more families need to be destroyed before something is done?

Tags: Family Services

Address: schoharie Ny schoharie, New York United States of America