Complaint: I too have received the royal run around from Scoresense. I fell for the $1.00 routine. Woe is me for not reading further about the 7 day cancellation. But I did stay on top of it. I cancelled in March, April it did not show up on my statement. But in May I had it show up with the $1.00 fee and a week later the 29.95. When I called to cancel they told me I signed up,with a different account #. So for May, June and July I spoke to 5 different people and 2 so called supervisers. Alway they said it was fixed. Sure enough there’s the !.00 again. Then after cancelling again.I would get a e-mail stating I canceled to late. Bottom line, call your bank. They know about this business and the tricks. Your bank should give you satisfaction.

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