Complaint: I had the unfortunate experience knowing & doing business for Scott Bakhit, owner A Hammer For Hire, Waterloo, NE. In 2011, Bakhit commissioned me to create a logo, slogan, bio, copywriting, graphic design, website, legal contracts, advertising & online video commercial – entire marketing image, in a contract witnessed by a third party. He breached the contract. So, on several occasions, I tried haphazardly to obtain payment for services rendered. Bakhit made it absolutely clear he would “NEVER PAY YOU A DIME!”” Yet he loves my work. See my work I did for Bakhit here. Instead

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: of being a stand-up businessman

Website: “” a gift he had given me. Bakhit & sorry cohort Cindy Charon-Jacobsen Arlington NE launched an ongoing defamation/libel campaign against my business online with bogus “”reviews

Phone: Bakhit verbally threatened me. “”I am going to get you blacklisted from”” And